Advertisement in Børsen insert ” Analyse Økonomi” 13.09.2017 

New technique ensures off-shore crew contact to family

Monthly long stays and limited access to the internet has previous made life at sea unnecessarily tough. But with a StraightShaper Satellite 4000, communication with family and friends is now secured.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand the big frustrations after two months at sea, only having a limited 128 kbit/s internet connection that you equally must share with up to 100 coworkers. This has nevertheless been the conditions many places in the off-shore business, where a conversation with your spouse or greetings on your sons birthday hasn’t been anything you could take for granted.

But a year ago something happened, which made life at sea a little more pleasant. It was then, that the danish it-company SmartShare Systems, as the first in the world, could offer the internet users an evenly distribution of the capacity on a satellite based internet connection, and thus ensure that one single person’s visit to e.g. YouTube wouldn’t seize the entire bandwidth.

Essential maritime welfare technology

“The technology, which is called StraightShaper Satellite 4000, has quickly become an important part of many off-shore companies’ efforts to improve “crew welfare” – the wellbeing of the crew”, states sales manager from SmartShare Systems, Henrik Güsmer-Riggelsen. “It is almost obvious, that if you are at sea for a longer period of time and cannot get into contact with family and friends on a regular basis, it will become a mental strain. We get feedback, that productivity actually has increased where it is possible to call home via Skype or Viber, and where the internet no longer is unbearably slow.

The industry’s enthusiasm for StraightShaper Satellite 4000 can also be explained by the fact, that the system is completely maintenance-free. As opposed to other solutions, it does not need to be monitored and it does not block out areas of the internet with demands for continuously updates of blacklists. Finally – and this is of course essential- the critical productionsystems’ connection to the internet remains totally unaffected with a StraightShaper Satellite 4000.