SmartShare StraightShaper ready for UNI•Login

Now your SmartShare StraighthShaper is ready for UNI•Login. Use your SmartShare for controlling access to the school’s wi-fi, when users log into the wireless network with their Uni•Login. Many educational institutions have used UNI•Radius, but now you can add a corresponding and improved RADIUS service together with your SmartShare StraightShaper Educational.

Now SmartShare StraightShaper is ready for UNI•Login.
Most students at school today have a UNI•Login, which is a unique code, that identifies the individual student. Already today, Uni•Login is being used to give the students access to the programs schools provide.

With SmartShare’s RADIUS with UNI•Login the school knows who is on the network and they have the possibility to track users with inexpedient behaviour, e.g. digital harassment or, when they suspect students are cheating for exams or perform illegal actions.

The solution is local and also works when there is no access to the internet. Therefore the students will always have access to the school’s network and get quick response on logging in.

Release it-resources for other assignments!
SmartShare RADIUS with UNI•Login is easy to activate and does not need any it-administration. However, it is possible to give various rights to guests, teachers and students e.g. divided by grade.

SmartShare UNI•Login for the network have many advantages. e.g.:

  • automatic synchronizing of the school’s current list of users and updated passwords from the centralized database at STIL
  • it does not demand installations of certificates or other interventions into the users equipment, so there will be no problems in relation to students and teachers bringing their own computers and tablets (BYOD)
  • it gives the possibility to track the individual user’s behaviour in the event of digital harassment or suspicion of exam cheating or illegal actions
  • it prevents unauthorized users from logging in to the school’s wi-fi and misuse the school’s internet connection.

But we already have a server-based solution?
In comparison to a server-based solution, the SmartShare UNI•Login solution is more stable, and there can be a lot of money to save:

  • The solution does not need a local server or one hosted in a data center
  • If the school has a server that only is being used as a RADIUS-server, it can be closed down, and all server costs with it
  • There are no malfunctions or server breakdowns
  • There are no costs for maintenance and updates of the server itself, e.g. continuous Windows- and antivirus updates
  • There are no costs or problems regarding use, maintenance and updates of the programmes/scripts to synchronize from STIL’s UNI•Login database to the server.

What about a cloud-based solution?
Also in comparison to a cloud-based or hosted solution you will find that SmartShare’s UNI•Login is more stable:

  • The users experience that it is faster and more stable to log on to the wi-fi, because the access control (i.e. RADIUS communication) stays on the local net and doesn’t have to go via the internet to a remote datacenter and back again
  • The users will have no problems with the wi-fi access as when the cloud-service (or the hosted server) answers slowly or is down because of e.g. DDoS-attack, overload, malfunction of data center, planned system upgrades or other
  • The users have no problems with access to the wi-fi if the school’s internet connection temporarily is down.

How do I get SmartShare RADIUS with UNI•Login?
SmartShare RADIUS with UNI•Login is an add-on to your SmartShare StraightShaper Educational solution. If you already have one in your network all it takes, is a call to your SmartShare dealer to get started.

If you do not have a SmartShare StraightShaper Educational
Contact a reseller and hear about the advantages. Besides SmartShare’s RADIUS with UNI•Login it also gives you a stable network, without clogging, so it is possible for students and teachers to focus on learning during classes, because the internet just works!

Still In Doubt?
At SmartShare Systems we are convinced that a SmartShare StraightShaper also is a benefit for your school. This is why we would like to lend you one, to test it on your own network. This way you can experience the difference yourself.

Get a SmartShare StraightShaper on trial for 14 days through one of our resellers. Find our resellers here.