• SmartShare on schools


Internet with no disconnections

Enjoy an effecient learning environment, and give students possibilities to use their creativity in the digital world, without limitations.

All it takes is for a few pupils to be using file-sharing programs (peer-to-peer) or watching film on YouTube, and it can take an eternity for their classmates to search the internet for information for an assignment. Some schools try to solve the problem with expensive censoring solutions, but this means doing battle with young people’s knowledge of how to get around these systems – with a pile of expensive service agreements and never-ending software updates into the bargain.

With SmartShare systems unique technology, User Load Balancing™ and Dynamic Quality of Service™, it is possible to have many simultaneous users on a completely open internet and still maintain a stable and fast internet connection.

With a SmartShare StraightShaper connected to the schools network, numerous users, peer-to-peer applications and large downloads will no longer impair the quality or speed of the internet. There will be teaching – without disconnections.

If the internet functions poorly or not at all, for just five minutes twice a day, it amounts to 33 wasted classes a year!

More than 100 schools in the entire country have already installed SmartShare with their network. Call your IT reseller today, and get a SmartShare on trial for free.