Make The Internet A Highway For Your Employees

With a SmartShare StraightShaper you can avoid interruptions and delays while you are working.

Most companies today depend on a rapid and well-functioning internet. When the internet is not working properly, we are interrupted in our work and might not reach our deadlines. The result is less efficiency, frustration about work and finally, unsatisfied customers.

The internet was not originally designed for many simultaneously users. The distribution of bandwidth is uneven, and therefore a bad connection can easily occur when the connection is highly loaded.

But SmartShare has done away with the traditionally inexpedient way of bandwidth distribution on the internet, and has developed a unique method that optimizes the exploitation of the bandwidth and guarantees all users a fast and stable internet connection.

It-maintenance can be expensive and demand a lot of resources in the companies, but also here SmartShare has advantages. It is simply connected to the network and doesn’t need further configurations.

Use SmartShare when:

  • the internet must contribute to reach professional goals and uses, instead of downtime that only delay users
  • the efficiency of the users are dependent on a rapid and stable internet connection
  • you want to exploit your internet connection to the maximum
  • it-administration must be easy and the network require minimal maintenance

SmartShare can be connected to all types of network.

If the internet is not working for just 5 minutes a day, it is equivalent to 2 ½ days of lost work in a year. This applies to every employee!

It is often a challenge to ensure an effective and stable internet, when many users are on the internet connection simultaneously. SmartShare is a solution that connects to the existing network, controls the internet traffic, and gives the users a stable internet.

With a SmartShare, the users get faster response than by a traditional network.

Get an internet you can rely on! Call your IT reseller today and get a SmartShare on trial for free.

We depend on a well functioning internet to work uninterrupted, so let SmartShare make it easy for you.