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Turn the internet into a highway for your employees!

Unstable IP telephony and slow response times on PCs are a source of irritation for both employees and customers. The guilty party is often an overburdened internet, which produces poor response times and ruins the quality of calls made when using an IP telephone. Many believe, wrongly, that the solution is to crank up the bandwidth, which is why more and more companies end up with an oversized internet connection at an oversized price. But what is the alternative?

The solution is intelligent bandwidth management. IP telephony, e-mails, files, downloads and security updates can easily run smoothly side by side – even when the pressure is on.

SmartShare Systems bandwidth manager products monitor and analyze employees’ behaviour on the internet in a fraction of a second and make sure that every single user is allocated the amount of bandwidth that is needed to make phone calls and run applications without any waiting time. SmartShare Systems bandwidth manager products do not require any knowledge of IT or networks – all you have to do is install it.

SmartShare System has already helped out many customers obtaining excellent results with their hosted application.

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Experience the difference. Call your internet service provider and get a SmartShare on trial for free.

”If you have a well functioning infrastructure, you will need a SmartShare StraightShaper even more to exploit the bandwidth optimally.”

Lars Glerup Kvorning, senior system konsulent for Systemtech A/S It-konsulent- og udviklingshus.