• A School Ready For The Future

A School Ready For The Future

Frederiksberg Friskole have decided to be at the cutting edge of the future. They have increased their bandwidth tenfold, connected a SmartShare StraightShaper to their network and are ready to teach the digital children.

”It has not been possible for any of the students to disrupt the internet here at Frederiksberg Friskole. And this is not because they have had access to vast amounts of bandwidth – on the contrary! We have only had two 8 Mbit/s connections, so it hasn’t at all been possible to download movies or other things that demands a lot of bandwidth,” says Henning Wass, janitor and IT-responsible at Frederiksberg  Lilleskole.

With more learning resources and all the possibilities we have for using information from the internet, it is now time for a thorough inspection of the schools’ network. Henning Wass, who also teaches the children about IT at the school is self-taught, and even though he knows a lot about IT, the collaboration with IT consultant Sanders PC Service, is absolutely necessary.

”We now have fiber network and have a 200/200 Mbit/s connection. We are a school with approximately 165 students from kindergarden to the 7th. grade, and if you take into account, that a numerous amount of students have a mobile phone and a laptop or iPad, we have many students simultaneously on the internet.” That is why Sanders PC Service recommended the school to get a SmartShare StraightShaper 4000 connected to their network. But why is that?

Bandwidth for all
A lot of bandwidth is rarely sufficient when there are many users on the internet. The more bandwith demanding users, for example those who download movies or use peer-to-peer applications, also get most of the bandwidth. The consequence is, that other users will experience a malfunctioning and slow internetconnection. If you buy more bandwidth the more bandwidth demanding users will just get even more bandwidth. The remaining users will still get too little bandwidth and they will experience an unstable internet, so what do you do?

 The use of the internet will loose its educational purpose, if it is not possible to use it efficiently in class.

SmartShare Systems A/S

The solution to the problem is in the distribution of the bandwidth among the users, and this is where a SmartShare makes a difference. SmartShare distributes the available bandwidth evenly among the active users at all times. This means, that all active users have the same amount of bandwidth available, and therefore quick response times. Many users will quickly be done and the bandwidth, now not being used, will again be distributed evenly among the active users on the internet. So the bandwidth will dynamically be distributed among all the active users, and everybody experiences a stable and fast internet. Also the few, very bandwidth demanding users, will experience a fast internet, but they can no more disrupt the connection and disturb many other users. So it makes sense for a school to invest in a SmartShare. As we know, students are often diligent and creative internet consumers, but the use of the internet will loose its educational purpose, if it is not possible to use it efficiently in class.

School in the Cloud
”It’s all in the Cloud,” Henning Wass adds. ”All of our applications, files and administration lies in the Cloud. Also our server, so that makes it easy for us.”

“Whenever we get new students or buy new applications, I teach our students how to access and use the applications in the Cloud.” Henning feels that he has been well guided thanks to the pedagogic communication about network and systems from Sanders PC Service.

Expenses for IT have increased, but now both teachers and students can use digital resources in class – without interruptions.

– Frederiksberg Friskole has 165 students from kindergarden to 7th. grade
– They have a 200/200 Mbit/s and a SmartShare StraightShaper 4000 connected to their network
– The school has established fiber network
– Server, applications and filing storage is all in the Cloud