SmartShare is internet with no disconnections

SmartShare StraightShaper increases efficiency and with no disruptions, where many users are simultaneously on the internet.

Are you many users on your internet connection and is work going slowly regardless of the amount of bandwidth you have available? SmartShare is WAN optimization and intelligent bandwidth management for your network.

With the SmartShare Sytems’ unique patented technologies, SmartShare User Load Balancing™ and Dynamic Quality of Service™, all users are guaranteed fast response on a stable internet connection.

SmartShare works with all types of networks!

The SmartShare solution is a plug and play and works with all types of computer networks. You can upgrade your SmartShare solution as your needs increase and so, your computer network will also be ready for the future!

The SmartShare solution is already implemented on hundreds of schools, institutions, in housing associations and companies.

Are you dependant on an internet that works? Then try SmartShare free of charge for 14 days and experience the difference.