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A strange calculation: 250 divided by 500 is 5. Forget all about what you have learned in mathematics. You might think that 250 divided by 500 is 0.5; but on an overloaded internet connection that is controlled by a SmartShare StraightShaper you can experience a curious kind of math. READ MORE…

Internet connections are not “just” internet connections, so what can we expect from a new connection with increased bandwidth. Read more…

While everything gradually has moved from the server room to the Cloud, the demands for a stable and good bandwidth has become a must. Streaming and Internet-of-things is no longer something that lies out in the future, it is already a big part of our everyday lives, and with that the need for a more efficient internet increases. READ MORE

Monthly long stays and limited access to the internet has previous made life at sea unnecessarily tough. But with a StraightShaper Satellite 4000, communication with family and friends is now secured. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand the big frustrations after two months at sea, only having a limited 128 kbit/s internet connection . READ MORE

Without blocking or giving e.g. YouTube or Facebook lower priority, StraightShaper gives fast internet to all users of a broadband connection. The problem is known, extensive and feared. When numerous users are sharing the same internet connection, it is not unusual that one or more users spending time on e.g. YouTube or Facebook, are consuming most of the bandwidth. READ MORE