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Neighbour pinching your bandwidth?

Traffic on the internet is growing faster than the net can keep it up. For just a few years ago the amount og TV channels in our kabel Tv service pack was important, but circunstances have evolved dramatically these past few years. Today we demand a fast internet. We are streaming more movies than ever, we subscribe to Netflix, Viaplay, HBO and many other services, in addition to which many people primarily watch television on their computers. This can have consequences, especially in housing associations where several households share a fixed amount of bandwidth. When Joe Smith on the third floor is downloading films and the children on the second floor are playing computergames online, there is no bandwidth left for poor old Bill Brown and all the others who just want to send e-mails and surf the internet!

The internet will automatically grant the largest amount of bandwidth to those who use the most bandwidth, and frustration amongst residents begins. Is the solution to be very democratic and distribute a little amount of bandwidth to everyone which is really for no proper use for anyone? NO! The answer is intelligent bandwidth optimization.

SmartShare is bandwith management and optimization that allocates bandwidth so all residents receive just the amount they need whether they are watching televison, downloading big files or surfing the internet. Can it be more fair?

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SmartShare has already helped many housing associations achieving good results with their common internet connections.
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Some internetproviders have offered a solution where the available bandwidth is distributed evenly among the tenants, so that everyone gets an equal share of the bought bandwidth.
This solution would be good if everybody used the internet equally, and at the same time – but this is just never the case. Under these circumstances large amounts of bandwidth are simply not used.

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