Is Class Being Disturbed When The Internet Doesn’t Work?

The schools are introducing digital learning resources, more on-line teaching and in general, increasing digital teamwork. More than ever, teachers and students are depending on the internet to complete classes with efficiency.

Teachers and students are often interrupted during class, because the internet is slow or maybe doesn’t work at all. Teachers get frustrated and the students lose focus. The result is impaired teaching and less learning.

Therefore, the schools’ challenges are to ensure that the load on their internet connections do not impair the teaching when many active users simultaneously, are on the internet.

With SmartShare you can avoid interruptions and delays during classes – also when many users simultaneously are on the internet. Students, teachers and employees are allowed to work efficiently and immerse themselves without interruptions.

A 7th. grade experiences that the internet is running too slow for teaching during class, for 5 minutes twice a day.

This will result in 33 wasted lessons a year, just for that one grade!

With SmartShare:

  • you get more time for teaching
  • the work efficiency is increased
  • you get a stable internet and exploit your bandwidth optimally
  • peer-2-peer applications can no longer be the cause of overload on the internet connection
  • you save money and resources on troubleshooting and maintenance of the internet
  • you can set time controllers filters for the web when having exams

SmartShare can be connected to all types of network.

More than 100 schools in the entire country, already have a SmartShare connected to their network. Call your IT reseller today and get a SmartShare on trial for free.

The implementation of SmartShare has saved us 1/3 of a position.

Anders Dahl Valgren, Center of Education Ringkøbing Skjern

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It is often a challenge to ensure an effective and stable internet, when many users are on the internet connection simultaneously.
SmartShare is a solution that connects to the existing network, controls the internet traffic, and gives the users a stable internet.
With a SmartShare, the users get faster response than by a traditional network.
We depend on a well functioning internet to work uninterrupted, so let SmartShare make it easy for you.