StraightShaper 4000

For Educational Institutions and Larger Enterprises

The SmartShare StraightShaper 4000, designed for larger enterprises and educational institutions, is an easy to use WAN optimization appliance with advanced, high capacity bandwidth management capabilities. The SmartShare Dynamic QoS™ and User Load Balancing™ makes an intelligent bandwidth management that guarantees all users on the network an equal share of the available internet bandwidth.  Users will experience trouble-free use of VoIP, video, SaaS, thin clients, cloud and centralized applications, while the ISP gets a more balanced backbone.

SmartShare StraightShaper™ is a hardware solution providing intelligent bandwidth management, guaranteeing all users on the network a fair share of the available internet bandwidth.

Automatic Bandwidth Management
SmartShare StraightShaper is based on years of experience in developing network equipment for business-critical environments. Utilizing the unique and patented User Load Balancing™ and Dynamic Quality of Service™ algorithms, the StraightShaper overcomes many of the problems of traditional QoS based appliances when it comes to installation and configuration ease.

Dynamic QoS™ versus Traditional QoS
Traditional QoS solutions require manual setup and are based on a need to reserve bandwidth according to expected use. This creates a number of disadvantages: Firstly, configuring a subscriber’s network for specific QoS settings adds cost to the deployment. Secondly, reserved bandwidth is wasted when not in use. Thirdly, reserved bandwidth has a fixed size limit and can therefore be exceeded, resulting in a degradation of VoIP quality.

SmartShare’s Dynamic QoS™ technology has none of these disadvantages. It processes all voice, video and data traffic dynamically on the basis of current needs, optimizing internet connection utilization, without the need to reserve bandwidth that may never be used. In this way, you can save internet costs while guaranteeing service quality.

License Upgradeable
SmartShare StraightShaper systems’ appliances come in a range of sizes to ensure that each of your offices has a properly sized bandwidth management appliance. Plus, with the upgradeable licensing capability, you don’t need to oversize a box for your remote offices, and can ensure that you still have room to grow while protecting your WAN optimization appliance investment.

Technical Specifications

Key Features

– Bandwidth Management
– User Load Balancing™
– Dynamic QoS™
– Deployment as transparent or router
– Peer-to-Peer User shaping
– Web Policy filter
– Real-time statistics and charts
– Health Monitor
– Latency and packet loss monitoring
– Traffic Logging (option)
– DMZ- and VLAN support

Additional Features in Router Mode

– NAT Router with public
– IP forwarding
– IP Router
– SPI Firewall
– DHCP Server/Relay
– Port forwarding
– DNS Server

VoIP Support Includes

– Skype for Business
– Skype
– H.323

Thin Client Support Includess

– Microsoft RDP
– Citrix ICA
– Teradici PCoIP

Management and Usability

– Plug and Play installation
– LCD status display
– Web-based
– user interface
– SNMPv1/2/2c
– SYSLOG and email alerts
– Firmware upgradeable
– License upgradeable
– In-band or out-of-band management
– Management access levels (user, administrator)
– Reporting with company logo
– No maintenance requirements

Model Overview StraightShaper 4000
IP devices 20 – 20,000 depending on acquired license
Throughput 100+100 or 250+250 Mbit/s depending on acquired license
Flows 2,000,000
Chassis 1U short depth
Dimensions (HxWxD) cm. 4.4 x 43 x 28
Dimensions (HxWxD) in. 1.7 x 17 x 11
Typical power consumption 30-35 Watt when using 2-6 Ethernet ports
Ethernet ports LAN, WAN, Ext 1, Ext 2, Ext 3, Ext 4
Port speed and type 10/100/1000, RJ45