• Exploit Your Network With SmartShare

Exploit Your Network With SmartShare

”If you have a well functioning infrastructure, you will need a SmartShare StraightShaper even more, to exploit the bandwidth optimally”. This is a statement from senior system consultant Lars Glerup Kvorning from Systemtech IT and business solutions.

”We have upgraded our network from a 100 Mbit/s connection to a 1 Gbit/s connection. To get the most out of our upgraded network and bandwidth, we decided to replace our existing SmartShare StraightShaper 4000 with a SmartShare StraightShaper 8000, that can handle 1 Gbit/s, ” explains Michael Knude Jensen, IT Manager at Hjørring Gymnasium.

“We primarily use our StraightShaper to allocate the bandwidth evenly amongst our users. It gives us a fast and stable internet connection. The students use computers, tablets and mobile phones for classes as well as for private use during schooltime. Consequently we have experienced a significant increase in the use of the internet in the past years.”

It was also due to the StraightShaper that it was possible to document that the 100 Mbit/s connection was not sufficient to handle the increasing traffic on the school’s network.

“If we didn’t have a SmartShare StraightShaper, 90 % of our students would get a negative experience using our network.”

Michael Knude Jensen, IT Manager at Hjørring Gymnasium

“We were about to update main parts of our network such as; wiring closets, controllers and switches. Meanwhile, the StraightShapers’ graphical user interface, clearly told us that we had exploited our bandwidth to the maximum. This is why we decided to increase the bandwidth simultaneously with the update of our network.”

SmartShare StraightShaper – again!
Hjørring Gymnasium had already had a StraightShaper for some time. Four years ago, Michael Knude Jensen was looking for a product that could monitor the students’ traffic on the internet. He was introduced to SmartShare StraightShaper 4000, which met the school’s needs, and had it connected to the network.

After updating the school’s network in 2014, Hjørring Gymnasium has replaced its SmartShare StraightShaper 4000 with a SmartShare StraightShaper 8000, which can handle the increased bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s.

So to obtain maximum results from the increased bandwidth and the upgraded network, the SmartShare StraightShaper is essential for the users to experience a fast and reliable internet.

With SmartShare StraightShaper, a large number of simultaneous users with big downloads or using file sharing applications can no longer cause a bottleneck, because everybody gets an equal amount of bandwidth.

The reseller was our partner
”I knew what I wanted and how I wanted the network to work,” Michael Knude Jensen tells us. We chose Systemtech A/S, also a reseller of SmartShare products, as our collaborator on the entire project. There was a good chemistry between us, and they could meet our needs.”

Lars Glerup Kvorning, senior system consul-tant at Systemtech A/S, has extensive expertise in computer network implementation, and has been an active partner for Hjørring Gymnasium during the entire process. After decisions were taken, it only took Systemtech A/S one week to implement all updates.

Approximately 1000 students attend Hjørring Gymnasium. They use an average of 2000 mobile devices on a daily basis.

That’s the good part about SmartShare StraightShaper. You can use it as it is – straight out of the box. Connect it, turn it on and it works.

Lars Glerup Kvorning
Systemtech IT and business solutions.