SmartShare StraightShaper – available bandwidth at any time!

Bandwidth for everyone – but how?
SmartShare StraightShaper 4000 Satellite is designed to manage bandwidth on satellite connections with low bandwidth.
With a SmartShare StraightShaper Satellite connected to your network, you can let the users spend time on the internet as they please. Now all active users will be guaranteed bandwidth because, with a Smartshare StraightShaper Satellite connected to your network, you have User Load Balancing™.

Get the internet that suits your needs
Besides a unique way of approaching bandwidth management, you also have the possibility of individualizing your SmartShare StraightShaper configuration.

SmartShare StraightShaper Satellite is easy to install and is maintenance free. Read more about your satellite connection here.

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Satellite bandwidth is expensive, and therefore there is rarely plenty of it available. From the SmartShare StraightShaper user interface, you can easily prioritize certain groups of people or computers, as well as set up filters to avoid softwareupdates of iPads and the like.
By installing SmartShare StraightShaper Satellite you get:

– Guaranteeed bandwidth for all active users, independent of applications and protocols

– A stabilized internet connection, that the users experience as faster, because they can not be slowed down by other users’ bandwidth consumption

– The option of customizing settings, if you have a demand for e.g. prioritizing groups of professionals or for filtration

– The option of extracting reports e.g. describing minimum available bandwidth per user, or the load on the connection

– More effeciency and less spent time on IT administration