• Quick Guide StraightShaper

Quick Guide

1. Connect the StraightShaper between your Router and Switch
  • StraightShaper WAN port → internet router’s LAN port
  • StraightShaper LAN port → company network switch. Use straight (gray) Ethernet cables
  • After connecting the StraightShaper, turn the power on

quickguide installation/deployment-StraightShaper

2. Check the LED Indicators
  • Power: ON_ikon ON
  • LAN and WAN ports  ON = OK /  OFF = No Connection. Use a crossed (red) Ethernet cable instead
  • STATUS:  ON = starting up (5 minutes max.)

  Blinking green = OK / Blinking_red_full_ikon Blinking_red_ikon Blinking red = Problem detected

3. Open the Web GUI
  • Open the Web GUI from a PC in your company network

Web address: The IP Adress is shown on the LCD display

Username: admin
Password: admin