It really all started with a genuine need within the housing associations.

The idea for SmartShare Systems products came because of many housing organizations having problems with getting reliable internet connections. Many simultaneously users quickly result in a slow and unstable internet as well as frustrated users.

Bandwidth is not distributed equally between users. Users with many connections to opened webpages, takes bandwidth from users with only a few, but just as bandwidth demanding, websites open. The result is, that many users experience a slow internet connection. It may sound strange that not everybody gets the same amount of bandwidth, when everybody pays for the internet connection, but the two are not related. That’s just how the internet works – isn’t it just unfair and irritating?

This is why CTO, Morten Brørup decided to find a solution, where all users were distributed the same amount of bandwidth and at the same time, could stableize the connection because of a more uniform flow of data. The solution revealed itself as what we today call SmartShare StraightShaper.

SmartShare StraightShaper is easily connected to the housing association’s network, and users need no longer worry about a slow and bumpy internet connection. It just works!