Crew Welfare

With the SmartShare StraightShaper Satellite 4000 all crew can have access to the internet – without affecting business operations.

It is important for a crew to have access to news from home and around the world when at sea for a longer period of time. But satellite bandwidth is expensive, operations are critical and must be prioritized so the available bandwidth for the crew will often be limited.

StraightShaper Satellite 4000 brings you closer to home

With StraightShaper Satellite 4000, the crew can be in contact with family and friends, have access to social media, entertainment and information, and still leave enough bandwidth for critical operations.

With the StraightShaper Satellite 4000 connected to your network, you ensure that all active users have access to the internet, without delays or interruptions.

With a StraightShaper Satellite 4000:

  • every active user has access to an internetconnection that works and is stable
  • it is not neccessary to manually block certain services to keep the use of bandwith on a minimum – crew can use the applications and services they prefere, without impairing the experience for other active users
  • your available bandwidth will be better utilized, so you get better use of it
  • you will save time on it-administration. There is no need for black lists or manual updates.

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A happy crew is a productive crew, and with a hard job in an isolated world of its own, it is imortant, that the crew can communicate with the outside world. So hold on to your qualified crew and get them closer to home with a StraightShaper Satellite 4000.

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Test a SmartShare StraightShaper Satellite 4000 with your own network

Get a StraightShaper Satellite 4000 on trial to test it together with your own network. Installation is made fast, and with our graphic user interface you can easily see where it makes a difference.

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