Intelligent bandwidth management is the key to better utilization of your internet connection – and to financial savings. Better quality in data transfers and IP telephony, with no extra investments in bandwidth. What are you waiting for?

SmartShare Delivers Perfect VoIP Quality

See the video where we show how a SmartShare StraightShaper™ with its built-in Dynamic QoS™ completely eliminates poor sound quality when using VoIP telephony while being on a congested internet connection. The demo also shows how SmartShare User Load Balancing™ provides fairness between the users accessing the internet.

Learn more about our WAN Optimization products and strategies:

SmartShare Dynamic QoS™

Dynamic Quality of Service™ is a patented technology that is integrated into all SmartShare Systems products. This technology analyzes traffic patterns and automatically prioritizes time-sensitive traffic such as IP telephony and thin clients, so that they can proceed without snags or waiting times. No technical insight is needed to use Dynamic Quality of Service.

SmartShare User Load Balancing™

User Load Balancing™ is a technology that automatically allocates bandwidth so that all users always have the optimal speed on the internet. The technology identifies the number of users, analyzes their behavior and allocates a suitable amount of bandwidth based on the individual’s needs – regardless of whether it involves phone calls, e-mails or other online applications.